THE SECOND GARDEN (2009 – 2012)


“When Adam and Eve where expelled from the Garden of Eden, and they had to live at their own expense, away from the pleasures that God had provided them at a handful, Did they feel the desire to have another garden, or the thought of it must have seemed unbearable? Perhaps after a lifetime refusing to have one, haunted by the memory of the snake, old, full of experience, knowledge, pain and joy, they gave in to the temptation of recreating their first home and made a garden that modest and all, must have reminded them like nothing else their bright and innocent beginning. Perhaps only then, once inside their self-made garden, they found who they where and fully accepted their fate … “
[FABIO Morabito, excerpt from 'THE SECOND GARDEN' NATURATA, ED. ERA, 2006]

The forementioned words can describe what living in Tijuana is like for a majority of people. Since most of them end up in this place because of a failure in their plans to reach the supposed paradise that exists on the other side of the border.

For many, staying here means to live in the edge of paradise, while some others still have the option to decide whether they want to stay here and create a second garden, retry reaching the promised one or going home, some don’t have a choice at all.

This city,its dynamics and the day to day life of its inhabitants is defined by a mixture of consequences originated by desitions taken on this choices.

These images are a document of such consequences.