Hashtag CMYK is a series of objets d’art created using waste materials recovered during walks in the cities where I operate, materials that after an intuitive process of experimentation1 with various techniques and materials become molds to generate pictorial work, using the chromatic components of the most popular color models for mass reproduction of images: CMYK and RGB.

Actions with which I seek to return these objects to their manufacturing process –and that make reference to the function that negative film has in traditional photography–, to create with them documents that remain as a record of my response to unexpected consequences of mediatization, combined with ideas generated by my reaction to recent scientific discoveries as well as personal research regarding perception and light2.

(1)Experiments inspired by a text written by Joan Fontcuberta, in which he narrates the process japanese fisherman used to advertise their products before the invention of photography (Fontcuberta, J. (1997). El beso de Judas. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili, pp.73-93.)

(2)The idea behind this entire project, started because of an article in The Telegraph, the fact that we can still ‘see’ some of the leftover radiation from the ‘big bang’ (Knapton, S. (2018, February 28). First light which ever shone in universe picked up by astronomers in 'revolutionary' breakthrough. Retrieved January 10, 2020, from https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/02/28/first-light-ever-shone-universe-picked-astronomers-revolutionary/)