These images, are screengrabs of WI-FI enabled surveillance cameras, in which a security flaw that allowed access for anyone with an internet connection, to whatever content the camera was streaming. In January 2013, a list containing the IP addresses of devices detected to have this vulnerability was publicly shared online, in order to bring this issue to the attention of the manufacturer, and hopefully force them to fix this problem.

I downloaded a copy of this list, visited all of the addresses in it, recorded what I saw and created this slideshow.

These images are an example of photography being used as a communication tool between and public and private space, and they create a contradiction as the same tool that is meant to keep something safe , is the same tool that makes it unsafe.

By publicly displaying this images, I’m only recreating in the physical world what happens online, and this is done in order to raise awareness of the fragility of these technologies, and how they should always be used with caution.

4:3 | SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO SLIDESHOW | SILENT | 4m52s | 2013| Ed of 5 + 1 a.p.